Scaling Exponential Impact Globally

Parker Impact & Associates (PIA) advises, supports and creates ventures and platforms that address vital socio-ecological challenges, particularly the climate crisis. We’re led by Nicholas Parker, a sustainable innovation visionary and pioneer with over 40 years' global accomplishment and experience. Nick is best known as the father of “cleantech”, a term he coined and evangelized around the world. 

Combining rapidly improving cleantech with other innovations such as AI and impact-oriented strategies, makes solving urgent, large-scale problems increasingly possible and profitable, if the right mindset, opportunities and partners are brought together. We call this achieving “exponential impact”, or “I” to the power of  “e”, as our logo suggests. It’s the focus of our networked team of accomplished, performance-driven associates. 

PIA is the public brand of Parker Venture Management Inc. (PVM), a private investment and advisory firm established in 2002. PVM’s current exponential impact portfolio comprises ventures, asset-based platforms and community involvements.

What We Offer:

Parker Impact partners with entrepreneurs, investors and thought leaders to:
- Create and support Ventures, Platforms, and Communities
- Incubate and Advise New Initiatives

We offer:
> Investment opportunity pipelines in focused areas
> Relationships across the innovation economy globally
> Growth and impact strategies
> Mobilizing of resources, including capital

We’re performance-driven and are comfortable structuring compensation accordingly. We draw on an international pool of associates and allied organizations to form fit-for-purpose project teams. Some of our previous clients include:

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